Gibbs Lawn Care


Pruning: Tree & Shrub Trimming

At Gibbs Lawn Care, we believe the health of the plants is very important. Yearly maintenance programs are available to fit your budget. Landscaping is a big part of your houses value, and is very expensive to replace, so it only makes since to maintain you landscaping, and by doing that keep it healthy. Our shrub crew is equipped with the right tools for the job. Our shrub crew carries chain saws, chippers, pole saws, articulating hedge trimmers and lots of other specialized equipment. To be able to perform the job well and correctly. With one call, we can handle all aspects of your commercial or residential project of any size

There Is a Difference in Companies
As a homeowner, you should give careful consideration to which company you hire to trim your shrubs and prune your trees. Improper pruning cuts can leave wounds that may never heal. If the wound does not heal, eventually boring insects will enter the plant and kill it. We have trained our shrub crew in the proper pruning techniques to avoid creating non-healing wounds. In addition, there is a correct and incorrect way to trim shrubs, and by pruning them correctly, it will ensure that they look as beautiful as the day they went in.